The Vallon des Glauges Estate

The Vallon des Glauges estate is located in the heart of the mountainous Alpilles region between Eyguières and Baux-de-Provence. It’s composed of 72 hectares— 45 of which make up the vineyard— that span across the hills, the plateau and the valley.

In 2015, we became associates with Romain Baehni, the estate’s manager, to rejuvenate the domain and increase its production. We’ve invested in many aspects of the vineyard, from the vines to production tools to its hosting facilities. These investments allow our clients to try our products not just on the spot, but in an incredible setting.

Here, we produce wines with a warm mouthfeel, nourished by the sun in the heart of Provence.


The Tible Estate

Oddo Vins & Domaines is expanding, and welcomes in its lap the Domaine de la Tible, an estate of 5 hectares in AOC Côtes de Provence located on the commune of Le Cannet des Maures (Var) acquired with Romain Baehni, already associated with Pascal and Lorraine Oddo in the Domaine du  Vallon des Glauges.

This acquisition is part of the development plan of Oddo Vins & Domaines, with the active ambition to further move upmarket the rosé, but also to offer a new product while retaining the know-how of what makes already the success of the rosés of the Oddo Group, aromatic wines, fresh and tense.

The Prieuré Sancerre Estate

The latest project of Oddo Vins & Domaines is 8 hectares of vineyards in Sancerre, ancestral wine region, in association with Pascal Jolivet, a great specialist of the region, already very established.
For those who do not know him yet, Pascal Jolivet is Mister Sancerre; three generations of Sancerre wine merchants, and a brand created in 1987, his own, now recognized all over the world.
Pascal Jolivet’s genius and experience combined with the know-how of Oddo Vins & Domaines can only guarantee a future great success.